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My life has always been turbulent. During school time, I used to struggle with poor grades, college time culminated into obesity and then I got married way before proving myself as a good professional. After years of all these problems, my life finally seemed to be settling down. But I guess, God had something else in mind. My skin started to sag too early. I was just 34 then. I mean that is not an age to begin looking like an aunt. Face packs, facials, bleach, nothing helped my skin lift. So, I had to use some cream or serum. This is how I got introduced to Rejuviderme.

I am 36 now and this cream has been with me since then. Needless to say, it successfully steered my sinking beauty boat and lead me through the storm easily. I am simply in awe of this formula. This review is all about what the formula does, what it contains, why is it beneficial and why you should try this out?

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About the Formula!

This is a professional anti aging cream that is made to provide 100% satisfaction. The cream follows advanced multi peptide skin cell production technology that according to the makers, is not followed by any other manufacturer in the market. So many customers who have bought this are satisfied with the results and so the makers are 100% sure that you are going to love the cream. The best part about this professional and effective cream is that it does not only work for women, but also rejuvenates men’s skin as well. I too believe that aging is unstoppable and regardless of gender, we all are going to experience the change. That is why using a formula that is made for both the genders make sense.

What’s Inside Rejuviderme?

The ingredients are 6 times more active and are blended in a way to help you observe tremendous results. Here are the names:

Trylagen – This is mainly known to enhance collagen production, so that levels of youth can be maintained. Long lasting undistributed collagen levels promise healthy youthful skin.

Argireline – This is a kind of peptide that visibly reduces wrinkles in as little as 15 days. And the results double over 30 days time. This mainly helps eradicate expression lines.

Lipogard – This antioxidant helps increase resistance to oxidative stress and supports cellular energy production.

GluCare S – Revitalize your skin’s defense system that further enhances the natural repair process in damaged skin for renewed youthful appearance.

Pentavitin – A highly effective moisture regulator that even functions under the driest condition where the standard moisturization fails leaving your skin supple and rejuvenated.

These are important compounds that make the most part of the skin care cream. Keep reading to know the working of the same.

How Does Rejuviderme Work?

The skin care formula significantly reduces aging signs that seem to be relentless. Within 4 weeks, there will be approximately 60% reduction in fine lines. The multi peptide formula helps boost collagen that keep skin tight and firm. Antioxidants protect skin from radical damage that strengthen cell production to keep the skin looking younger with age. Environmental damage can be stopped with its daily use. Along with that, this is what you are going to experience within 60 days:

50% more reduction in wrinkles than any other formula

90% better hydrated skin

No lines and expression lines after 60 days

Tight and firmer skin

How to use Rejuviderme on the Face?

I use Rejuviderme all over my body or wherever I feel its need. For beginners, you can do this way:

Wash your face, dry gently and wait for 2-3 minutes

Take a pea size amount of cream on your palm (that would be enough as the solution is quite thick and consistency is high)

Apply all over face, neck, back of your hands. Now massage in a circular motion and avoid rubbing roughly

Repeat daily on a clean face

What are the Benefits of Rejuviderme?

Trial pack available for first time users

No side effects and recommended by dermatologists

All natural ingredients

Works for both men and women

Absorbs pretty well and non sticky

Works good as a make-up base

No negative reports till date

This might put you off…

People with sensitive skin need to consult doctor first

Not to be used by under 18 people

Not evaluated by FDA but equally effective so this won’t be a problem

Alternate Solution

Well, along with Rejuviderme use, follow certain good lifestyle measure and results will be amazing. Follow what? Let me explain:

Eat antioxidant rich foods like berries, moderate amount of wine and green leafy vegetables

Try and stay stress free as stress makes you look even older than aging signs

Drink a lot of water and that would help eradicate toxins from the body

Do a bit of exercise everyday

And of course, use Rejuviderme. I guarantee that within 60 days of doing all this will make you discover a new more beautiful you.

Doctors Recommendation

Many skin specialists recommend daily use of Rejuviderme because it contains all natural ingredients and is safe. According to them, if a person is using this cream, he/she does not need to go for Botox, surgery and needles. It follows Lipid technology and that gives faster results that any other remedy.


Users have shared their before/after pictures of using Rejuviderme on the website. You can check them. Other than that, these are the mixed reviews that the product has received:

‘Nothing can be better than Rejuviderme for me. This is the best’, Sara

‘People think that men don’t need such things, but the truth is that they do. Sadly, there are not many options for them and Rejuviderme is one formula that has prevented me from too much skin damage’, Jack

There are more, you can read about them online.

What Do I Feel about it?

Amazing! Two years and still going strong, my relationship with Rejuviderme is beyond words. It is not just an anti aging product for me, but a medium through which I keep my confidence alive and fulfill my dreams. My skin transformed within 60 days of its use, but why I still use the cream is because I never felt like stop doing so. It is just like any other routine moisturizer that you use and feel comfortable with. My skin looks so radiant that I have stopped applying make-up. My husband now don’t hesitate to take me to his office parties and my kids are more confident about me in front of their friends.

I highly recommend it.

What is the Price of the Product?

The monthly price of Rejuviderme is $96.86 and $8.95 is charged for shipping and handling. You can also ask for your 14 day trial by paying $3.95 for S and H. Your package will arrive in 3-5 business days and if you are not happy with the trial, you can easily cancel the order within 14 days. Not only this, manufacturers also let you claim your money back within 30 days in case of any problem with the product. So, what else do you want? Make the most of the offer while you can.

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